What is a high efficiency AC unit?

by Diamondback on October 18, 2013

Benefits of Having a High Efficiency AC Unit For Your Home


Mesa ACThere are many benefits in having a high efficiency air conditioning until such as enjoying a lower energy bill each month. Another advantage is that a high efficiency air conditioning unit is better for the earth’s environment. Because they use less power, less electricity is generated and that means that fewer natural resources need to be produced.

Most importantly, having a high efficiency air conditioning unit can increase the value of your home. Many potential home buyers look for air conditioning units that are efficient and cost effective. Keep in mind that high efficiency air conditioning units do cost more but they allow you, the homeowner to have more control over the temperature coolness in your home, they are less likely to break down and they are much quieter than those that are less expensive.

Because energy costs continue to soar, many home owners are looking for ways to lower their energy costs. Many are choosing a programmable thermostat because they can set a higher temperature during the day when everyone is away at work, school or other activities. Later, the programmable thermostat steps temperatures down to your desired comfort level before you and your family arrive home from work, school or other activities. This can save you time, money and energy and is a very convenient way to operate your air conditioner.

To keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently, it is important to replace your filter at least once a month; especially during the cooling season. If a filter is allowed to become dirty, it will impede the air flow and can sometimes damage the unit. Some think that condensers should be professionally cleaned each year. By ensuring that they are clean, they will stay efficient.

In addition, have your air duct system checked, too. Keep in mind that if your doors and windows are sealed properly, it will prevent hot air from coming inside. Keeping your home insulated well can also reduce the need for operating your air conditioning unit.

To conclude, there are many benefits that come with a high energy air conditioner but the two best benefits are a cool and comfortable home and saving you money!

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